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basement wall crackingCracks in foundation floors and walls tend to happen more regularly in the weather condition we have in northeast Ohio. The freezing and thawing of soil, along with dry conditions in the summer result in soil pressure, shrinkage and movement that negatively effects basemen structures.

Most cracking is minimal and can generally be remedied through minor repairs. On the other hand, smaller cracks are always capable of growing and becoming more problematic for houses and commercial buildings.

We suggest being proactive in seeking assistance from a licensed foundation contractor when you see cracks forming in your foundation walls and floors. Acting fast may limit the scope of repairs and save you quite a bit of money.

Our repair professionals in Canton are completely licensed, insured and experienced. We deliver free and thorough foundation inspections and estimates with no obligation. Doing so, provides peace of mind for our customers, even if repairs aren’t needed.

Our project foremen, contractors, and other technicians are specially trained and skilled to deliver long-lasting proven repair service at low-cost rates.

Reach us at your convenience to learn more and to schedule a free quote when you’re free. We serve homes and commercial structures in Canton, Akron, Massillon, Barberton, Perry Heights, Louisville, and beyond in Stark and Summit counties.

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We possess the ability and know-how to restore and stabilize foundations and basement walls of all shapes, sizes and materials. That includes concrete blocks, poured concrete, brick, stone and more.

Foundation damage and wear and tear is typically the result of the same common factors. These factors include soil expansion and shrinkage, weakened soil, heavy moisture, insufficient backfill, poor land grading, soil heaving, and frost.

The type of crack of most concern are diagonal, stair-step, and horizontal cracks. They have the potential to grow in size over time and be expensive to fix.

Many warrantied repair solutions are available for foundation cracking and chipping. The most effective option is dependent on the cause of cracks, foundation type, and condition of nearby soils.

We closely investigate your foundation at no cost to determine the root the problem and provide repair options that work and are within your means.

Long-term warrantied contractor services

Generally speaking, our repair work can be accomplished without major disruption and hefty cost of soil excavation around the foundation walls.

Our cracked foundation and crawl space repair options include:

  • Foundation piers that stabilize for a foundation that has settled in weak soil
  • Wall anchoring that restores and guards walls from expanding soils, heaving, and intrusion from nearby tree roots.
  • Injections for small cracks, including hydraulic cement, caulk, mortar, epoxy, and polyurethane polymer seal.

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A sturdy and dependable foundation is needed to maintain the integrity of a home’s structure. Not addressing growing cracks – most notably those that are diagonal and larger than a hairline fracture – can be dangerous for occupants and devastating to the house or building.

Responding quickly to a failing foundation with prompt fixes may help you avoid more expensive work and major future issues.

For the most part, small, hairline cracking shouldn’t cause major concern. At the same time, we advise that you routinely check all cracks. If you see growth, get in touch with a repair contractor for an evaluation as soon as possible.

Our specialists also provide proven repair solutions for leaning, tipping, buckling, bowing, and bulging foundation walls, as well as sinking and sagging foundations.

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